Is It June Yet??

HUGE news from runDisney for us princesses today.


It’s been rumored for several weeks, at least in my online running communities, that Disney would be adding something to Princess Half Marathon weekend next year. Last year they added a 10k to the Disneyland half marathon, creating the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge(which is totally on my list next year). After that, they announced a 10k added to the WDW Marathon weekend, creating the Dopey Challenge(a 5k, a 10k, a half marathon and a full marathon in 4 days, too much playing). With PHM weekend being so huge, it only seemed logical that they would capitalize on that popularity and add a 10k to the mix, and Disney did not disappoint. Today it was announced, the new Glass Slipper Challenge, a 10k and the half marathon. I’m beyond thrilled. I’ve been wanting that extra challenge and this is perfect. The best part? Extra bling. Do the 10k, earn your medal, do the half, earn your medal, do both, earn both AND a 3rd medal for completing the Glass Slipper Challenge. This is how I feel right now…


Seriously guys, June 11 registration can’t come fast enough. Hopefully, since we have a Disney Visa, they will give us a little early registration like they did with the Dopey challenge and WDW Marathon weekend.

But wait, it gets better. Well better for some people, it just creates an intense longing for me. If you run one half marathon at Disney World and one half marathon at Disneyland, you earn a third medal(do you sense my affection for more medals?), the Coast 2 Coast challenge medal. It’s pretty sweet, my BRF Patty earned one this year and I got to fondle, er see it. Next year we will see a slight change in the C2C medal, for some people.


It’s pink. PINK!! For those who accept the C2C challenge and choose the PHM and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, you earn the special pink C2C medal. This excites me. This also bums me out. We travel for Christmas, we’ll be traveling for Christmas, then traveling for PHM in February, so me traveling from NC to CA in January just can’t happen. Not to mention I had to go and have a bunch of kids in the month of January and apparently my husband frowns on the idea of me skipping out on my child’s birthday party to go to Disneyland. Kill joy.

Disney certainly dropped some big news today. Maybe it is the extra shot of espresso I had in my latte, but I’m bouncing off the walls excited for this.

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