I Have Been Sucked Into the Black Whole

The black whole know as runDisney races that is. I have to laugh at myself, as in the weeks before the Princess Half, I swore I’d never do it again. Not just another Disney race, but another half in general. Check it off of my bucket list, pat myself on the back, and move on with my life. I remember running with a couple of local girls in December and telling them after my half, they’d probably never see me running again.

But the race got closer. My training got more intense and steady. I already feared the PDD, or Post Disney Depression(look it up, it’s a valid medical condition, I promise). It’s kind of like Christmas. You look forward to it all year, and as time draws nearer and nearer, you get more excited. Then on Christmas Eve you can hardly sleep. But by 10 am Christmas morning, your presents are opened, it’s time to clean up and the reality of having to take down your lights and wait a whole year to do it again hits you.

The weeks leading up to the race were like that. At first I was excited. But as the days ticked away, my confidence in doing well grew, and my internet groups became more active with buzz about the race, I got more and more excited. I knew as soon as it was over I was going to miss that anticipation. That’s why, at the end of January, when I got an email about the Rock N Roll half marathon in St. Louis in October, I jumped on it. I’m originally from St. Louis, my family and my husband’s family live there, it would be a good excuse to visit. Let’s face it though, it’s not a Disney race. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard the RNR series is just lovely, and entertaining. I’m glad we’ll be able to go out and visit the families, the kids can see their cousins and spend Halloween with them. I have friends there that are running the race, someone who can help pace me for the PR I’m aiming for. But it’s not Disney. This reality hit me after I got back from this year’s Princess half.

Disney hooked me. I love that place on it’s own, but their races are just awesome. I had such a fun weekend. While I was down there, I decided to plan for the Princess half next year. My husband(a true Prince Charming) was on board and we’re going to make it a family trip. But it a whole year away. 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours. That’s a long time to wait. Shortly after I returned, the internet boards began buzzing once again, this time about registration opening for the Wine and Dine half in November.


Looking at the date, it’s just two weeks after my half in St. Louis. We’re staying a week there, so we’ll return home(700+ mile trip) the weekend before that race. All that driving didn’t sound pleasant to me, but my interest was still peaked. I approached the topic with my husband, but he was firm on saying no, so I dropped the idea.

Registration day got closer and closer, until it opened today. Even after it opened, I had fully resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t possible for me. But where there is a will, there is a way. A little flicker of a flame started up when my husband came home from work. I touched on the subject again. I got a no again. I argued my case a little. It’ll be a short trip, down Friday, home Sunday, he won’t have to take off work, I won’t do the parks, I won’t do nice Disney restaurants, it’ll only cost about X amount of dollars. That’s when I got an “I’ll think about it.”. The flame grew. I argued my case a little more, even offered to make it my anniversary present, since it’s less than a month away. I wanted a new Coach purse, so hey, it works out the same in cost. Finally I heard the magic words, and I got the go ahead to register(Yes, I know, I’m super lucky my husband is pretty awesome like this, sorry ladies, he’s taken), and register I did.

So there it is, I’ve been sucked in by runDisney. I’m registered for the Wine and Dine half marathon. The night time race appeals to me(I’m not a morning person), and all kinds is featured after the race(since it coincides with the Food and Wine festival). I. Love. Food, so this very much appeals to me. I’m also taking it to another level with two half marathons in two weeks. I’m pretty stoked.

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