Wrap Up Trip Report-My Last Two Days at Disney

Ok, so more like one day, as I left Tuesday morning.

We got up Monday morning. Oh my knee! I guess I slept with it bent, and when I woke up, it was so stiff I wasn’t sure if I could straighten my leg and actually get out of bed. After a couple of minutes, I managed to get it straight. Once I got up and moving, I felt pretty good. A bit of muscle stiffness, of course my knee hurt, but the more I walked, the better I felt.

We hit Epcot after breakfast, Patty rode rides and I did a bit of shopping, and we met back up for a ride on Test Track. Before leaving, I got a quick picture with Goofy, thanks to a great Cast Member. I had missed out on Chip and Dale in the park, waited in line for 20 minutes, got to the front only to hear it was break time for those rodents. Was hoping to meet Goofy, and I hopped in line. The Cast Member told me he had 5 minutes left before he went for a break, but he suspected I could squeeze in and to go ahead and get in line. He was correct and I got my picture.


Then we headed to Hollywood Studios. While this is a smaller park, it’s one I always want to go to, because I really like Rockin’ Roller Coaster and I LOVE Tower of Terror. It was time for a bit of lunch, and there is no better recovery food than a big turkey leg. Well at least I’ll tell myself that.


We hit up Rockin’ Roller Coaster after that. It was Patty’s first time. I’ll spare the picture, but let’s just say the look on her face during the ride was priceless. After that, with Patty riding her thrilling ride high, so she was going to brave Tower of Terror with us. The wait time outside said 50 minutes, not horrible. Clearly that was wrong. After over 50 minutes, my legs stiffening up, we checked online and wait times had jumped to 100 minutes. Yeah, no thank you. We hopped out of line, Patty headed to Rockin’ Roller Coaster once more while I chilled. She ended up getting off that ride at the same time her sister(who decided to stay in line for ToT) got off of her ride. We had an early dinner reservation at the Magic Kingdom’s newest restaurant, Be Our Guest.

We met up with another friend at MK to head to dinner, but not before stopping for obligatory pictures with our medals outside of the castle. Or in my case, with Patty’s borrowed medal, because I didn’t bring mine with me.

IMG_1931 IMG_1936

We got to Beast’s Castle right as it was starting to rain. Perfect timing! The outside and inside of Be Our Guest is just stunning.

IMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1940 IMG_1942 IMG_1944 IMG_1945 IMG_1946

We were seated, the rest of the ladies ordered wine, I indulged in a soda. We ordered our food, and it came quickly. I got the pork chop and pomme frites(fancy speak for french fries). It was seriously the best pork chop I’ve had in my life. Delicious! Dessert is spectacular there as well, and we were even able to snag a couple of plates of the “grey stuff”.


After dinner, we headed over to Space Mountain for a ride before we had to be back to Big Thunder Mountain with our fast passes. When we finished up with SM, it was coming in close to time for the Wishes fireworks show. We hurried over to BTM, because we thought it would be awesome to see the fireworks while riding the ride. We got on at the best time, and as we rode, the fireworks were going off in the sky right in front of us. Quite easily the best ride ever! So we did it again.

By this time, it was nearly closing time for MK, so we decided to head over to Epcot for their Extra Magic Hours(extra hours a park is open just for Disney resort guests). We rode Soarin’ and then I did a bit more shopping, before heading back to the resort so I could get packed up for my morning departure.

The following morning, I got up nice and early, packed up, headed down for breakfast and coffee, and got on my way. The beautiful weather I had enjoyed for the entire weekend was ending, and storms were heading up. I theorize that Disney knew I was leaving, and the skies were crying over my departure. Ok Disney, I get it, but you didn’t need to cry for my entire drive through Florida. The rains got pretty heavy, which made for slow going. Another 10 hour trip, and I was finally home. Winter had not left while I was gone, and it was(and still is) quite chilly here in NC. I was thrilled to see my kids and husband, and my not quite two year old was quite happy to have her mama back. This was also the beginning of my post race blues, and I’m already counting down the days to the Princess Half Marathon next year!

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