The Brick Wall

I have officially hit it. But not by choice. Yes, it’s been rough with kids back in school, less sleep, and the daylight hours getting shorter(esp for someone like me, who is an evening runner). But I was getting at least one run a week in, and that run was over 5 miles and climbing. But not this week.

Last Tuesday I woke up with the itchy nose, sinuses burning, a nice little head cold. I crossed my fingers, upped my Vitamin D intake, kept popping the Vitamin C and the echinacea. I was chugging awful amounts of apple cider vinegar. But I knew what was coming, I knew it was only a matter of time before the cold settled down in my chest. For some reason, when a cold finds it’s way into my chest, it stays there for a week or two. And within 24 hours there I was, coughing up a storm. My sinuses cleared up within 2 days and I was feeling better. By Friday I thought I might have hope for this weekend, but I was wrong. It’s still sitting in my chest as I type. I pushed myself out for a short run last night(Sunday is usually my long run day), setting my goal at just two miles. I was definitely still feeling it. The first mile was ok but I got very winded during the last .75 miles. I was coughing. I was peeing. Yes, let’s be honest folks, I have birthed 4 babies, I am forever cursed to pee when I cough. I forced myself to finish the two miles and that was all I could manage. I’m having to skip Zumba tonight, I know it’s not going to happen.

Luckily, this time, time is on my side. I still have a little less than a month before official training according to the Galloway plan starts. I’m already ahead of the game according to that training plan. But I fear the winter. Now I’m not having fears of being so slow and being swept from the race. I’m afraid of coming across some kind of minor cold in the weeks before the race, and being stuck with a lingering cough. I’ve got to find some kind of bubble to live in from the end of January on, especially living in a house with 2 kids in school, bringing home every cold virus and bacteria they can get their grubby little paws on. Maybe I’ll set up some kind of decontamination station at the front door. One to spray them down with Lysol, pump them full of vitamins and burn their clothing as they walk in the front door after school…

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