Pushing Myself

I took Thursday evening off from running. Friday was supposed to be my on day. But the day was longggggg. I have been having issues with my jaws and I have been suffering through daily headaches. My kids were on their A game in terms of torturing mommy. By the time my husband got home, I was so mentally drained from the day, that I had every intention of taking another night off. I reasoned with that decision, saying it would be good for my body to take 2 days off, and that it was just such a long day and I needed to rest. Up until putting the kids to bed, I had no intentions of running on Friday night.

But I decided that there were no excuses on my list good enough to actually ditch my run for the night. I put the kids to bed and without really thinking, I immediately went to my closet and changed into my running clothes. Maybe just a short run I though, just to get out there. And out I went. I got passed the first mile. I completely meant to loop back around to my house, and get to two miles, and call it a night. But again, I decided against that. I had to keep going. And I kept going. I took a few extra turns and ended up making it my longest run to date, 3.62 miles. I still maintained under 12 minutes a mile, and I ran my fastest 5k to date. I felt pretty pumped after I was done. Not so much because my times were improving, not because it was my longest run, but because I had decided to push myself and get rid of excuses.

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