My View For This Evening

My View For This Evening

Tonight’s run, while a tad over 3 miles, was broken up into two parts. Less than a mile in, it started raining. I stuck it out until it really started coming down. So I headed back home. But before I started out on my first run, I came out to a gorgeous, complete rainbow. Yes, ohh, ahh, pretty, but no big deal. For most people that is.
Over 9 years ago, I lost my first born son Chris to SIDS. He was 2.5 months old. Naturally, it messed me up, big time. But all the depressing details aside, I remember one evening, a few months after he died, I was missing him and I looked outside and saw a rainbow. I felt connected with it, like it was him, somewhere out in the universe, showing me this rainbow for hope.
One of the biggest motivating factors for me when I am running is Chris. I start feeling tired, I start feeling like maybe I should take the shortcut home, and I think of him. My baby who will never grow up, who never took steps and never got the chance to run, I take that thought and I keep going. My ability to get out there and run is something I won’t take for granted.
I already get emotional thinking about crossing the finish line after the Princess Half. I am doing this for him. I am taking him with me, his memory, and I am running with him, for him. 5 days after the race is the 10th anniversary of his death. I think about that a lot.
Seeing this rainbow tonight, and knowing how much I think about him when I run, once again it felt like he was out there, saying hello, saying he is with me, and telling me to keep going.

One thought on “My View For This Evening

  1. I have a connection with rainbows as well. When I was 11, my mom died. Her favorite song, and one that was played at her funeral was somewhere over the rainbow. she LOVED wizard of oz. So, with that being said, I take a pic everytime I see a rainbow too!

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