The Wait…

Is killing me!! We have over 200 days until the trip/race. We have booked our resort already. Unless a better deal comes up between now and February, or one of the girls currently planning on sharing our room decides not to do the trip, we are booked at Disney’s newest resort, the Art of Animation Resort. While I don’t typically prefer to stay at Disney value resorts, this one is new, and based on the pictures, it looks so cool! Since we have 3 adults right now, including myself, we booked one of the suites in the Lion King section. But that’s about as far as we can go right now. We can’t book ADRs until 180 days out, so still over a month before that. We’re waiting to see if other discounts are released. And of course waiting for the trip. Of course I have a lot of things going on between now and then, including lots of training. We’ll have school starting, with my oldest in 2nd grade this year, and my middle child starting preschool 3 days a week. Then we get to look forward to the holidays, and I love the holidays. Once the holidays are over I will really kick it into gear, getting ready for my trip.

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