Registration for the Princess Half opened on July 10. My original plan was the wait until the end of the month to register but I got so excited watching others register that I jumped the gun, and registered that day. Registration in itself is a little thrill. The price is a tad hefty(although I’ve never done a half marathon, so I have nothing to compare to) at $140, before additional fees they tack on, but it is Disney after all, and their magic comes with a price. Personally I’ve always found it worth it. When you register, you get to pick your favorite princess, and your race bib will have that princess and one of her colors on it. Some of the choices included Cinderella, Tiana, Ariel, the newest princess Merida(from Brave), and Rapunzel. It was such a tough decision that I let my 3 year old daughter pick for me, and she picked Rapunzel. Because I registered before December, my bib will be personalized with my name. At the time of registration, you also have the option of purchasing a commemorative pin and/or necklace. Each time we take a trip to Disney, I pick up a pin of the resort we stay at(if available) and one of either my favorite rides or my favorite characters, so of course I opted to purchase a pin. And after all that excitement and all of that money spent, you sit. And you wait. And you run.

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