Squashing the Doubt Monster, For Now

Squashing the Doubt Monster, For Now

This week has been a great week, I’m feel like I’m off to a great start. I decided to ditch the C25K plan. I just felt like I was a little beyond that. Last summer it worked well because I was so out of shape, but it’s a different story this summer. I have been liking the Nike running app much better. To be honest, at this point I don’t really have a set training method or pattern. I’ve just been getting out there to get miles under my feet. Jeff Galloway’s half marathon training program for the Princess doesn’t actually start until the beginning of October. So I’m kind of just winging it for now. At some point I will start playing with run/walk patterns and longer runs.
Yesterday was an awesome run. My first goal was to run one straight mile. Something I haven’t done since high school. And I did it, with no problem. I had a time of 9:28, which isn’t too bad. I also made it my longest run, and did a total of 2.26 miles. I felt really good afterward. I’m pretty pumped.

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