I need to make this my new mantra. It’s something I am struggling with right out of the gate. I go go go all day. With the summer heat and the beast of a double stroller I have for my youngest two children, getting out during the day is pretty much impossible for me. My husband isn’t home from work until 6-6:30 pm. From then on it’s dinner time, getting 3 children into bed, and trying to finish random work around the house. Dishes wait for me, laundry usually does too. Add in the fact that I work from home(and can usually only manage it when the kids are in bed), and I am trying to pack many thing into 5 or so hours in the evening. So nope, I certainly don’t have time to run. I need to make time though. Not just because I am training for a 5k and a half marathon, but for me. I know that running helps me unwind from the day. After a day of animated tv shows, arguing, children crying, whining, vacuum cleaners and other various sounds, the silence I meet when out for a run is welcomed. It’s a way for me to relax. I will make time.

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