Couch To 5K Night One

To get back into the swing of running, I decided to start the Couch To 5k program. I actually decided to start it yesterday, but well the couch was much more appealing than the 5k. I get the kids in bed, and had every intentions of taking myself out that door, but at the end of the day, it’s so hard to get up the motivation to keep going.

I knew I had to do it tonight. Last summer I met the same wall when I started running, and I was quick to find that “runner’s high”. It got to the point where I actually craved running. I hope that it happens again. So after a particularly rough bedtime routine involving my two younger children, it was actually a relief to get out of the house. And I will tell you, it’s much easier to start when you are somewhat in shape. I remember last summer, being years from any kind of exercise, the first basic days of the C25K were killer. I was huffing and puffing through the 60 seconds of running. This time was different, and dare I say it was a relatively easy workout. I certainly wasn’t dying by the end, which gives me the slightest sliver of hope that I will be ready for 13.1 miles on February 24.

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